Reaching Troubled, Abused & Trafficked Youth



A Messenger Of Hope


Bringing hope and inspiration to audiences of all types, Victor speaks across the U.S. at youth prisons, high schools, churches, businesses, military bases, and more.


From Burma to Iraq, Victor has been labeled a “High-Risk Missionary” by the Special Forces and intelligence community because of his passion to go and do where most would rather not.


Victor’s newest project aims to bring hope & healing to all who suffer with PTS(D). This new documentary film, called “Triggered,” will highlight how individuals conquered traumatic experiences from war, childhood, and life.

Victor is a great model of what God can do in and through a life dedicated to His glory. I commend his ministry to you.
Victor has an amazing presence and was able to command the attention of approximately 700 students for over an hour.
I believe in Victor Marx and his mission.
If there is an opportunity for me to go and speak in front of a crowd around the world, if I can't make it, to me Victor Marx is the one I'm suggesting to everyone because his power of communication and his story…is one of the most powerful stories I've ever heard in my entire life.
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